Solution concept


Our formula for your success in web analysis: Standard + Configuration + Programming! We weight the three pillars differently depending on your individual requirements. However, the result always represents the best possible solution, a high-end web analysis solution customized to your individual requirements. Every Mindlab solution is always based on the netmind Server, its technological carrier system. The design of this server features a high degree of openness and flexibility. Based on its industry-wide unique netmind Hybrid Tracking technology, it always ensures gap-free data collection, maximum data quality, and data security without compromises. We have perfected this procedure module over many years. It reflects our experience gained within the scope of countless web analysis projects. It equally meets time, commercial, as well as technical aspects. With Mindlab, no wishes are left open in the area of web analysis!


We will compile your customized analysis package from many standardized analysis applications. We compressed all of our experience from more than 15 years of pioneering and development work in the web analysis field into the netmind Web Edition and the numerous netmind Options. Using these standard applications, you can start your analysis work immediately: The comprehensive reporting set of the netmind Web Edition already delivers answers to questions far beyond the basics of web analysis. The netmind Options expand your view to special technical topics, such as the analysis of online campaigns. Using Mindlab's modular product concept, you can compile the analysis package, you need for a quick start in web analysis.


Can our standardized analysis applications not fully meet your demands? No problem! We customer-specifically configure and parameterize the numerous core modules of the netmind Server and create your customized analysis applications together with you. Individualization starts with netmind Tracker, responsible for data collection, via  netmind ETL, responsible for data processing, and ends with netmind Application Center, responsible for reporting. The newly created analysis applications become an integral part of your overall analysis package and interact seamlessly and very efficiently with all standard applications of Mindlab.


This was just the beginning! Your overall solution can be created based on standard applications and modules up to a certain degree only. To take the decisive step into the direction of high-end web analysis, we translate the customer-specific aspects of your marketing strategy into the language of web analysis. We link these very important, highly individual findings worthy of unconditional protection with your overall solution by individually programming the netmind Server via its powerful interfaces for you. This maximum individualization provides insights into details not mapped by standard tools. You receive very precise reports as reliable basis for your decision finding. The result is a key performance indicator model providing you with competitive advantages and thus offering the possibility of further differentiation from your competitors. Based on experience, this variable represents 10 % programming code and delivers 90 % added value. Success or failure is decided here in web analysis!