Mindlab's complete software family is accommodated in a very flexible modular kit system, which continuously grows through continuous further development of existing and integration of new components. The simple combination of ready-made standard applications and limitless adaptation possibilities of the overall Mindlab software family generates unique synergy effects that comply with technical, commercial, and time requirements in the best possible way.  


The netmind Server is the foundation of our overall software family. It consists of netmind Tracker - with its industry-wide unique Hybrid Tracking method - for data collection, of netmind ETL for data processing, and of netmind App-Center for the generation and visualization of the requested reports.


More than fifteen years of experience in the area of web analysis have helped us in completing the modularly structured Mindlab software family with immediately usable standard applications, which already address and answer the majority of your questions. With netmind Web Edition, Mindlab offers a solution delivering essential information about general website use. netmind Web Edition is the link between the netmind Server and numerous netmind Options. The netmind Options are also an integral part of the Mindlab software family and are already pre-configured for technical questions regarding different business transactions. netmind Web Edition as well as the netmind Options can be quickly implemented, easily operated, and respectively offer a comprehensive reporting set. They can also be combined at any time. Upon your request, these website and topic-specific solutions can be very easily customized according to your requirements. We will be glad to assist you! Our highly flexible standard software is extended with your individual specifications. The result is an advanced key indicator model, reporting set, and finally your unique netmind solution. Using the resulting web analysis solution, you can gain insights, which actively contribute to achieving your operative marketing objectives and thus support the implementation of your marketing strategy.