Provisioning models


With the netmind inhouse solution, you integrate the software seamlessly into your IT landscape. Thanks do the use of IT standards (software, web technologies, interfaces, etc.) and the availability for all common platforms, the netmind solution can be implemented at your site with minimum effort. The integration into your IT landscape enables a simple data exchange between all systems. Using the Mindlab Inhouse solution, no data leaves your computer center. You retain control over your collected information and ensure optimum data security.


In the case of the ASP solution, we provide you with the complete netmind solution as service. With respect to hosting, we rely on our certified partner to provide redundant, fail-safe computer centers in Germany. With that, we can ensure maximum availabilities. Maintaining the solution and loading of updates/upgrades is assumed by Mindlab. No effort is generated on your side.


A modular provisioning module significantly highlighting the flexibility of our technology: Depending on your conditions, netmind Tracker (data aquisition) can be installed "inhouse" at your site, while netmind ETL (data processing) and netmind Application Center (report generation and visualization) are hosted at Mindlab. Your advantage is clear: With the combination of inhouse and ASP provisioning model, you receive a flexible solution, where the expenditures of your IT department for installation, hardware, and operation are kept at a low level and you still have 100 % data quality.