In the most cases, Mindlab solutions have a very individual character. For this reason, we do not offer standard training sessions "off the shelf". On the contrary: Analogously to the solution creation, the Mindlab Professional Services Team designs a customized training concept together with you. This ensures that your training participants will be familiar with the communicated contents from day 1, and that they can apply the training contests as quickly as possible in daily operations.


Our top objective: The netmind Web Controlling solution must be available around the clock. Whether you would like to handle the operation yourself, have Mindlab assume the responsibility, or handle the operation in close collaboration with Mindlab, the Professional Services Teams will support you in any case. To ensure that your administrators can assume their important responsibilities, we jointly design your customized training schedule, taking into account your individual IT landscape, and specifications.


Once we jointly trained your administrators, the next step takes care of training the users in smooth handling of your Mindlab analysis solution. Every Mindlab solution has an individual character. For this reason, user training must be customized to your company-specific circumstances. In other words: In our seminars, we always train the users in handling your analysis solution based on your functional specifications and the resulting key indicator models and reports. This ensures that the learned material is already applied to the operative implementation during the seminars. Your users use the same environment/user interface in our training sessions, as they will be using later on.