Strategic partnership


We always strive for a strategic partnership status with you. This means that we would like to leave the boundaries of individual projects behind and support your entire company. Not only the importance, but also the complexity of online marketing has significantly increased over the past years. With that, the times of generally applicable inquiry possibilities with standardized key indicators as common analysis success recipe are finally over. Online marketer need answers to their questions that match their individual marketing strategies. Furthermore, more and new communication channels further increase the complexity of target group segmentation and require an analytics contact person beyond a number cruncher and project implementer. A strategic consultant is required, who meets all customer requirements with online marketing, technology, and implementation competency, and combines everything into a reliable overall solution. The future asks for individual, company-wide solutions!


In order to comprehensively support you and jointly establish company-wide solutions, we daily advance the necessary competencies. We are marketing experts. We carefully follow all relevant IT trends, have sound project management expertise, and have the required social competencies for seamless and beneficial integration into your project team. At the beginning of our partnership, our consultants develop a deep understanding of your marketing strategy, processes, information systems, and individual objectives in the course of an intensive collaboration. We supplement the knowledge gained with our general industry, functional, and IT competency and design your customized solution concept in collaboration with you. We maintain this customer-specific expertise throughout the entire life cycle of our solutions and partnership, based on an individual and personal support concept.


Every Mindlab customer is supported by a designated consultant based on a key account support model. To ensure that the respective Mindlab consultant can support his customer in the best possible manner, we focus on keeping the number of customers assigned per consultant at a very low number. We live this support model up to its limits. In other words, some consultants support one (1) customer only. This ensures that we can get to know our customers and in particular, the respective requirements to the best possible extend.