If the Mindlab Professional Services Team assumes the operation of your netmind analysis solution, our experts will monitor the solution including the underlying IT systems 24/7. We ensure continuous monitoring, act proactively, and can thus identify and investigate any technical incidents immediately after their occurrence. If required, we initiate purposeful countermeasures as early as possible and ensure that small malfunction will not develop into major problems. We proactively recommend optimizations of your system architecture and the overall netmind solution. This is the basis for problem-free operation of your netmind analysis solution!


Quick help with short distance: The employees of the Mindlab Professional Services Team support their end user directly (first level support). Upon request - 24 hours a day. In addition to reporting possible malfunction incidents, we support and advise you in handling all relevant netmind components. No loss of information or complex communication paths exist between your technical department, your IT department, and Mindlab.


Our top objective: The netmind analysis solution must be available around the clock. If a malfunction incident occurs, we verify functional and quality aspects and assume the entire communication, documentation, and control process until its final correction. If, contrary to expectations, the incident is a severe Mindlab-specific problem, we immediately forward it to our maintenance experts, and assume the additional responsibility for fast and smooth error correction. Depending on the severity and individual impacts, we guarantee fixed response and correction times (Service Level Agreements). If a system-related error occurs, i.e. the error is caused by a component not related to Mindlab, we also assume the escalation process for you. We also ensure that your netmind analysis solution is always up-to-date (updates) based on the routines agreed with you upfront.