In the case that we identify an error in our software products within the scope of daily software maintenance, or in the case that you report such to Mindlab Support, are dedicated software experts will take care of the error correction. Incidents of critical nature for you will be immediately corrected, either via workaround or directly via software update (hotfix).


Our experts are continuously working in improving our standard software. In addition to performance enhancements, we particularly focus on ease of maintenance. For example, the modular kit of the netmind product family that can operate very flexible due to its standardized interfaces across the system is continuously further modularized. Beyond that, e.g. test mechanisms, automated system tests, and documentations are improved on a daily base. This ensures that an eventual error in the program code can be quickly localized and corrected. 


New possibilities continuously open up to us and you based on the short innovation cycles in the area of information technology. To ensure that you as the user of our analysis solutions can benefit from these developments, we permanently verify the meaningful deployment of these innovations. If needed, we adapt our standard software accordingly. This is one of the reasons, why Mindlab is now one of the top experts in the areas of web analysis and app analysis. We are e.g. the only provider on the market, who designed their standard software based on the industry-wide unique Hybrid Tracking method. We always adapt our standard software proactively to changed legal boundary conditions.