The focus is on you and your functional requirements, and not on technological possibilities and the corresponding limits. In order for you to achieve the maximum benefit from your analysis solution, our consultants develop a deep understanding of your marketing strategy, processes, information systems, and individual objectives in the course of an intensive collaboration. We supplement the knowledge gained with our general industry, functional, and IT competency and design your customized solution concept in collaboration with you. Our already pre-configured key indicator models and reporting sets - netmind Editions and netmind Options - as well as our highly flexible technological carrier system - netmind Server - are always used as basis.


Based on the existing conceptual specifications, our consultants develop your analysis solution together with you. In this project phase, our highly flexible standard software is extended by additional configurations with respect to your individual specifications. The result is an advanced key indicator model, reporting set, and finally your unique netmind solution. Using the resulting analysis solution, you can gain insights, which actively contribute to achieving your operative marketing objectives and thus support the implementation of your marketing strategy.


Once the analysis solution is created, the next step in almost all cases takes care of the seamless integration into the existing IT landscape on site. This way, the security of your data is ensued to the best possible extend. We strongly believe that the collection of partly personal data must take place within your company premises. For this reason, we consequently built on your security concepts. The functional integration can be realized without problems as well. In order to provide our customers with a consolidated 360° view on all relevant information, Mindlab solutions deliver their collected data or generated information to downstream ETL processes, e.g. data warehouse systems, or accept third-party data and information (e.g. inventory management systems) for the purpose of further processing using the own ETL process. The Mindlab consultants from the Professional Services Team area available for your support throughout the entire implementation phase up to final acceptance