Professional Services


In today's business word, positioning and strategy work equals an intellectual endeavor. Operative marketing instruments, in particular websites and mobile applications, must generate competitive advantages in increasingly tighter markets, where differentiation potentials can hardly be found. After the realization of countless projects in the last 5 years, we can confidently state: professional analysis solutions contribute here decisively! Our consultants are available to you with help and support in mastering this challenge. They provide the required expertise. They are specialized in creating high-end analysis solutions based on our standard software.


Nothing is more annoying that an implemented solution, which cannot be provided and used smoothly and permanently. In addition to many other aspects to be considered, it must be particularly ensured that your users experience professional support in handling the analysis solution. Furthermore, the standard software used must be continuously maintained, the availability of your solution ensured at any time, and the users and administrators trained to the best possible extend. The Mindlab Professional Services Team is available to help you here as well. Only if your analysis solutions continuously contributes positively to the overall success, your investments will be sustainably protected! The Mindlab Professional Services Team is looking forward to the collaboration with you and to supporting you in the continuous provision of your analysis solution. 


Mindlab's support services do not stop with the initial implementation and operation of your analysis solution, but form the start for a long-term strategic partnership. In order to promptly use market chances and purposefully deploy further developed core components, the continuous adaptation of your marketing strategy, your operative marketing instruments, and your analysis solutions is required. In this field of tension and continuously occurring change processes, our consultants and their functional, technical, and project management expertise are available to you throughout the entire life cycle of the implemented Mindlab solution based on an individually and personally designed support concept. Challenge us so that we can help you in terms of a strategic partner in continuously maintaining your analysis solution at the limits.