Technology advantages


netmind Tracker acquires and collects all generated data. It assign a unique session ID to every website visitor, and enters it into the netmind session log file together with his click behavior and assigned semantics. URL Recording in combination with the positioning of netmind Tracker as Hybrid Tracking technology achieves the maximum results in connecting the individual visitors with their semantic click behavior. Upon request, other tracking methods (e.g. cookie, pixel, etc.) can be linked and implemented as well. This way, the behavior of every individual visitor on the website is observed by netmind Detector, which is part of the netmind Customer Targeting Edition, in real time and with very high accuracy. If similarities are detected between the visitor behavior specifications and the behavioral rules stored in the Scenario Builder, netmind derives an Interaction (response) in the desired form. Displaying a "fixed" stored content or the provision of special contents from an available web application is feasible here.


As soon as the interested visitor enters the website, netmind Detector observes his movement behavior and netmind Classifier his interests and needs. If the website or the customer's browser calls up the netmind Recommendation Presenter (e.g. in the form of an iFrame or pop-up window) per request, the Presented forwards the call with the specified parameters to the netmind Recommendation Framework.


The Recommendation-Framework inquires the netmind Classifier and netmind Detectors and applies the specified behavioral rules and user descriptions to results of the Classifier and Detector inquiry. As soon as a rule applies, the respective content is returned to the netmind Recommendation Presenter, which returns it to the called-up browser and/or website. If none of the stored rules applies, the netmind Recommendation Presenter will remain empty and/or is not displayed.