netmind Customer Targeting-Edition


Using Mindlab Customer Targeting, you exploit the possible cross and upselling potentials of your website. This tool contains exactly the right tools to address your interested visitors individually, to respond to their interests, needs, and problems, and to lead them to the individual, company website target. Your advantages are clear: You establish the conditions for gaining significantly more revenue in eBusiness. You save costs by moving CRM into the Internet, and bind your customers to your company using need-specific offerings.

Using the unique Hybrid Tracking technology, you analyze your site visitors with 100 % data accuracy, and thus create the conditions for a unique performance using the netmind Customer Targeting function. You achieve higher conversion rates through cross and upselling recommendations in real time, even for anonymous, not registered visitors. As the user behavior of all actions takes place in real time, the tool does not permanently define a user classification. You obtain an exact user pattern despite compliance with all privacy laws. An automatic comparison with backend systems (e.g. inventory management systems) is possible without problems. 

It is also possible to extend the netmind Customer Targeting functionality with our netmind Options, or to customize it for your specific questions through Mindlab Consulting.


netmind Customer Targeting enables you to offer your customers the right product and the right content at the right time and at the right price. The netmind Targeting technology operates similarly to a perfect consultant or trained sales assistant in a store. netmind stores important characteristics decisive for the decision and purchasing process in its digital memory. With the same intelligence as a human sales assistant, netmind assigns the online visitor based on his behavior in real time to a customer type known in the system, in order to publish real-time recommendations matching the visitor profile. 


An interested visitor navigates via an advertisement banner onto the website of a mobile phone provider. There, he particularly informs himself in the area of mobile phone products and mobile phone contract. However, he only read the material superficially and roughly.

netmind classifies the interested visitor as "window shopper with deal tendency". Based on this classification, netmind displays a customized mobile phone offer in combination with a contract to a very attractive price. Premium services included in the cost-effective price, which are also shown to the customer in abbreviated form, a deal hunter will decide for a purchase with higher probability than "not addressed" website visitors will.