Mindlab's complete software family is accommodated in a very flexible modular kit system, which continuously grows through continuous further development of existing and integration of new components. The simple combination of ready-made standard applications and limitless adaptation possibilities of the overall Mindlab software family generates unique synergy effects that comply with functional as well as commercial requirements in the best possible way. 


The netmind Server is the foundation of our overall software family. It consists of netmind Tracker - with its industry-wide unique Hybrid Tracking method - for data collection, of netmind ETL for data processing, and of netmind Application Center for the generation and visualization of the requested reports.   


With the netmind Customer Targeting Edition, Mindlab offers standard application specifically designed for the requirements in the Onsite Targeting area. The netmind Customer Targeting Edition is the basic Onsite Targeting component. It enables you to offer your customers the right product at the right time and at the right price. The specifically developed netmind Customer Targeting technology operates similarly to a consultant or sales assistant in a store. netmind stores important characteristics decisive for the decision and purchasing process in its digital memory. With the same intelligence as a sales assistant, netmind assigns the online visitor based on his behavior in real time to a customer type known in the system, in order to publish recommendations matching the visitor profile. Using the netmind Customer Targeting Edition, you exploit the possible sales potentials of your website, increase the conversion rate, and finally, the success of your website. It is also possible to customize the netmind Customer Targeting-Edition for your specific questions. Starting from concept consulting to complete implementation, the Mindlab Professional Services Team will always accompany you with help and support. You define the scope of our support services. In any case, whether we only assume partial tasks or the entire project management, you will always benefit from our 15 years of experience in the Digital Analytics area.