netmind Self‐Service Option


In order to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction at the same time, customers are increasingly integrated into the own company processes based on the Internet appearance. The success of such self-service portals goes hand in hand with the attractiveness of the respective platform, and in particular, of the processes provided. These must be designed according to the participants without any compromises. Against this background, the netmind Self-Service Option can be used. Against this background, which is offered as a standard application. It help in measuring the acceptance on your customer/visitor pages and detecting and accessing optimization potentials in the sequences.

Using the netmind Self-Service Option, you collect any number of business transactions, objectives, and processes, and determine the solution rate for the complete offering as well as the individual use case. In addition, sessions can be assessed as well as the executed actions, and the achieved cost savings determined. Third-party systems, such as a CRM system, can be connected without problems. 

As - similar to all other netmind Options - the netmind Self-Service Option is an extension of the netmind Server, continuous data collection, maximum data quality, and data security without compromises are ensured here as well at all times based on the industry-wide unique netmind Hybrid Tracking technology.

It is also possible to extend the netmind Self-Service Option with additional netmind Options, or to customize it for your specific questions. Starting from concept consulting to complete implementation, the Mindlab Professional Services team will always accompany you with help and support. You define the scope of our support services. In any case, whether we only assume partial tasks or the entire project management, you will always benefit from our 15 years of experience in the Web Analysis area.