netmind 5.1


Mindlab Solutions presents the completely revised interface of netmind 5.1, their new Desktop Edition, as well as consulting for strategic Web and App Controlling for the first time at dmexco 2014.


Mindlab subjected the netmind interface to a comprehensive redesign in order to better facilitate the evaluation of customer journey, usability and questions regarding optimization potentials. The new GUI has a clear objective: Make working with an optimized and clear workflow as easy and comfortable as possible.


With netmind 5.1, Mindlab launches the completely redesigned user interface of their Application Center. The new flat design is state of the art: Simple shapes and clear colors (according to customer colors upon request) ensure a clear environment. Element layout and the underlying structure facilitate an intuitive operation.


Instead of the Reporting area, the new central starting point of the web-based user interface is a start screen. Here, users can access the respective applications via apps tiles: Standard Reports, Report Wizard for ad-hoc Reports, Export Manager, Path Analysis, Click Map, Heat Map, Profile Settings, and User Management.


The better data can be evaluated and visually prepared, the more valuable it is. This is particularly the case, if you would like to present the results of a successful campaign to your colleagues, partners, or the executive board. For this reason, the reports feature a new look as well and highlight the results in a pronounced, color-highlighted, and animated manner.


In the case of complex reports covering a very long period, the optimized usability of the Application Center becomes particularly noticeable: The desired report is compiled using a few mouse clicks, loaded within seconds, and exported as PDF, HTML document, Excel file or CSV - perfect for unexpected meetings!