Professionally developed app have become an integral part of the business world. An increasing offering of mobile applications as well as fierce competition under app providers and app developers ensure continuously better mobile application. At the same time, the demands of smartphone and tablet users increase as well. In order to differentiate youself from the market and keep ahead of your competitors, you must maintain your apps user-friendly and up-to-date. Against this background, excellent Web Controlling cannot be mapped using a conceptually uniform standard. In the course of an intensive dialog, we develop a deep understanding of the critical success factors of your marketing strategy. These results deliver the technical parameters establishing the substructure of your individual key indicator model and thus, of the solution concept. 


Our flexible, widely patented software family is now aligned with your customized key indicator model. The result is a customized app analysis solution that supports you without compromises in achieving your strategic objectives, and in particular your app targets. Whether you are the provider of a pure information platform, or of a shopmarket place, or self-service portal: Mindlab app analysis solutions always actively contribute to increased profits, customer satisfaction, and brand value for your company. In order to realize this benefit promise in the best possible way, we always push the technological possibilities to their limits within the scope of service provision. For instance, the app analysis solutions by Mindlab are always adapted without compromises to the special requirements of apps.

The advantage of a netmind app analysis solution is that we specifically developed our standard software for the analysis of mobile applications. Many companies realize that solutions adapted from the web analysis world quickly reach their limits. They cannot keep up with the increasing requirements. Mindlab app analysis is a native app analysis solution based on the proven netmind technology.


Companies in dynamic markets continuously face the challenge of adapting their marketing strategy and operative marketing instruments to changing market conditions. In order to keep up with the partly high-paced changes in this area of tension, companies do not only require highly flexible app analysis solutions, but also a competent and reliable partner support them along the way. The Mindlab Professional Services Team supports you with their technical, functional, and project management expertise throughout the entire life cycle of your solution. As strategic partner and pioneer in app analysis, we understand ourselves - after close alignment with you and in different variations - as your permanent companion, trendsetter, consultant, implementer, and operator of your app analysis solution. We offer a sustainable solution that flexibly grows with your company. Protect your investments!